1) Did you realize that the "hosting" link on http://locomotivecms.com actually takes you to a separate website (locomotivehosting.com) where they are selling* hosted options?

2) There is no Buy or Order button on the pricing page. As in "I don't understand how to give these guys money".

3) Are the hosted solutions targeted for developers or for personal use? Why have a "personal" package if you are targeting developers with multiple clients? *Who* is this for?

4) On the Billing page: "Coupon code: [form] Leave it blank if the coupon code you entered is invalid." (What does this mean? I have not entered a coupon code. There are coupons somewhere? Where? Don't confuse me when I've finally found the place where I can give you money. )

* A buy / order button would probably help the sales. :-)

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